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Hobbs 80/20 Wadding

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Hobbs 80/20 Wadding 96″ wide.

Hobbs Bonded Fibres has developed this cotton batting to be a natural fibre alternative to polyester for the discriminating quilter. Heirloom is wonderful to quilt for HAND or MACHINE quilters and can be quilted up to 3½ inches apart.

Why cotton?
*Heirloom Cotton is made from 80% long staple cotton fibres and 20% polyester. The combination of these fibres creates a strong, long wearing batt, and is very easy to work with.
*Hobbs Heirloom Cotton will give your quilts the flatter, more traditional look of the antique quilts, without the need for excessive quilting.
*Heirloom Cotton can be quilted as close as close as ¼ inch and as far as 3½ inches apart. Close quilting will be very flat, and the more space between the quilting will give a slight amount of loft.
*This batting is lightly needle punched and resinated with a soft resin to provided stability of the fibre and prevent the polyester from bearding. This process makes Heirloom cotton batting uniquely easy to quilt by hand.
*Heirloom Cotton will shrink slightly, to give the characteristics of antique quilts, this product may be pre soaked if no shrinkage is desired.
*Heirloom provides warmth, yet it breathes for comfort. It drapes beautifully, yet does not stretch during the quilting process or when hung.

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