Lynette Anderson Plastic Domes


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This pack includes a variety of 6 different sized plastic domes. Each pack includes approx. 10 x of each size.

These covered plastic domes make great embellishments whether you use them singly or you put two together, glue a little strap part in the centre and use as a zipper toggle.
Trace a design onto your background fabric.
Add stitchery stabilizer to wrong side prior to commencing the embroidery.  Lynette says she use two strands of embroidery thread
Once the embroidery is complete, press gently.
Cut a circle slightly larger than dome that’s being covered.
Sew a row of gathering stitches close to cut outer edge.
Gently draw up gathering stitches so fabric fits firmly over the dome. End off the thread.
If using as a zipper pull, cover two domes, place a strap part between the two and glue together.
Cover join with an embroidered fly stitch.

Lynette uses them in a number of her patterns.


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