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The Bluebird Embroidery Company Thread painting in Wool Badger by Helen Richman


Learn the beautiful embroidery technique of thread painting to create this charming little badger design on a background of printed tweed fabric. Renaissance crewel wool threads made of 2-ply lambs wool are used to delicately blend between colours and to build up the texture of fur.

This simple design will introduce you to split stitch, satin stitch and long and short stitch, all of which are essential when creating a piece of thread painting embroidery.

This kit includes all of the threads, fabrics and needles required to complete the hand embroidery design and the clear instruction booklet with step by step photographs will guide you easily through your project.

The printed tweed background fabric is provided with the design already transferred on for you.

Materials included in the kit: printed tweed fabric, calico fabric, size 26 chenille needles and Renaissance crewel wool threads.

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Design dimensions: 5cm x 5cm

Additional equipment required: 6 inch ring frame and embroidery scissors




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