Stories in Stitch with Jessie Chorley on Saturday 15th October 2022


Stories in Stitch with Jessie Chorley

Saturday 15th October – 10 – 4pm – We are running this workshop from Great Doddington memorial Hall which is only a short walk away from our shop for more space during these uncertain times.

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Stories in Stitch with Jessie Chorley

Saturday 15th October – 10 – 4pm – £75 – Jessie Chorley is an East London based designer, maker, tutor, author and shop owner specializing in hand Embroidery Collage and Applique. At the heart of her work is hand stitching, and traditional embroidery combined with needle turned appliqué techniques. She combines her passion for collecting ware possible into her embroidered stories and small detailed patchworks.I use my needle and thread to both secure items in place as well as for creating line and detail. My needle and thread are my drawing tools that allow me to create my scenes and stories directly in and on to my chosen fabrics and papers. I use various embroidery flosses combined with favourite vintage threads to illustrate my chosen imagery and words directly on to and in to my selected and usually pre-used fabrics, papers and found objects”. 

Today’s workshop will be a general embroidery and appliqué day, covering all of Jessie’s techniques, creating your own story using her style of appliqué and embroidery. Stitched text and lettering will also be covered. You can purchase a kit from Jessie at an additional cost of £15. They would include hand cut fabric appliqué shapes. A linen backing fabric and some assorted fabric scraps plus she will bring all my own embroidery flosses and other embroidery threads for all participants to use during the workshop. Jessie will also bring two large sampler books that hold all her embroidery samples plus some other stitched works to inspire you.

(Materials not included)


My dear students and fellow stitchers
Just to say a little hello from London in advance of our stitching time together at Poppy Patch during 2022.
My Contact Details:
Email: jessiechorley@hotmail.com Tel: 07708921550
My Web Links:
Website: www.jessiechorley.com Instagram: @jessiechorley
Suggested Materials List:
You will be provided with a full, hand-crafted kit at the start of your masterclass experience (at a cost of £15), which includes the use of all my specialist embroidery threads. However, I will always encourage you, the maker, to create your own “story” as much as possible. To do this, I suggest that you bring along a selection of items from the list below. These can be incorporated into your work, making it more personal:
* Favourite sewing tools
* An assortment of your favourite embroidery threads
* An assortment of your favourite fabric scraps. Bring a variety of sizes, colours, shades and patterns
* Assorted scraps of paper and paper items, such as old postcards, letters, pages from old books and drawings – these paper items can be cut up and stitched directly into your work
* Other items of personal interest, such as old charms, buttons, vintage lace and ribbons, small keys etc, which again can be stitched into your work
* A favourite poem, quote or perhaps just a single word (for inspiration)
* Anything you are currently working on that you’d like to show me, including your sketchbooks. I’m happy to offer advice and hopefully inspire new creative ideas

Bear in mind that pre-loved fabrics and objects will trigger memories and personal narratives. For instance, a snippet from an old dress, a collar from a favourite shirt, or a patch from your mum’s worn curtains can all serve as precious materials with personal associations. So focus on selecting and bringing along items that will evoke a unique narrative for you.
If you have any questions, or would like to discuss any details about your masterclass, please email or call me directly, via the contact details above.
There may be a design of mine that you would like to work on during our time together. So if you would like to order any templates or kits, along with sewing needles or embroidery flosses from me, please enjoy choosing them from my online shop via www.jessiechorley.com and then send me your shopping list to this email address jessiechorley@icloud.com I will then send you an invoice to pay. I will bring the items you have ordered to your workshop at Poppy Patch.
Please note that the techniques taught in my masterclasses and workshops are for personal use and inspiration only; they must not be used in commercial projects.
Finally, your masterclass will involve fine, detailed work, so don’t forget to bring your glasses if you need them.




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