Hobbs 80/20 Fusible Wadding

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Hobbs bonded Fibers is pleased to present a reasonable alternative to basting, spraying forma fusible can of spray, or using iron on interfacings. Heirloom Fusible will temporarily iron on to other materials that can be ironed. If desired, front and back can be ironed on separately, or at the same time should that be convenient. Product can be hand of machine quilted and can be quilted up to 4″ apart.
Why Fusible?
Certain quilters/crafters find basting, spraying iron on additives themselves or using Fusible interfacings either objectionable or cost prohibitive. With Heirloom Fusible it is possible to temporarily attach top and bottom fabrics to the batting by ironing with the iron set on “cotton” setting. This is not a permanent attachment, and can be peeled off and reattached if need be. When Washed the product becomes similar to Heirloom Premium 80/20 Cotton batting.


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