Crazy Patchwork Workshop with Fiona Metcalfe


Crazy Patchwork with Fiona Metcalfe from 10am until 4pm, upstairs at Poppy Patch

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Crazy Patchwork with Fiona Metcalfe

Saturday 8th July – 10am – 4pm – £75 – In this workshop you will do some simple block printing first to create some of your own original patterns; experiment with different materials, textures and colour to create a collaged picture, book cover, little bag or anything else that works for you.  This can be purely abstract or representational, it gives you an opportunity to play. And spend a day stitching with friends!

You will audition and piece together, into a composition, a variety of materials (including papers) that can be hand and /or machine stitched. These can also be reversed appliqué to reveal what’s underneath or appliquéd on top to add greater depth. Further embellishments can be achieved with sequins, buttons, ribbons. And some extra sparkle added with trans-foils.

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction to workshop and set up.
  • Looking at examples for inspiration (though I’m sure that isn’t a problem)!
  • Auditioning materials and arranging these into a composition, that will work for you.
  • Make at least one printing block to utilise in your work
  • Considering composition, colours, layers- do you want to look a reverse appliqué?
  • Simple printing on fabric to make some of your own patterns with printing blocks
  • Laying out material- these can be pinned, or tacked; if you want to use bondaweb please bring some.
  • Stitching the work together. Either hand or machine or both.
  • How to take the work further; how to edge, frame or finish or the work.
  • Sharing experiences, reviewing work at close of day.

I would like you all to go home with:

  • With a finished piece of work you can frame or use as a book cover or as part of another textile work.
  • To have fun.
  • To let your imagination go crazy and approach a piece of work in a more organic, free form way.

Some people work very fast and you may want to make two pictures so bring enough just in case!

This workshop can be taken a regardless of experience. One of the main aims to have fun and enjoy the day.

(Materials not included)

Requirement List:

  • A sewing machine (free machine embroidery works very well with this process as well as straight stitch, so do check your machine and bring the right attachments, leads etc..), sewing kit- threads, needles, scissors etc…
  • Any materials you would like to use from your own stash. can be plain, patterned or Poppy Patch sell a huge range.
  • It is  useful to bring organza and net if you have any these work well, as well as any embellishments you may have.
  • If you want a more raised padded effect bring a piece of thin wadding or again Poppy Patch sell this.
  • An apron

What Fiona will provide:

  • A  small piece of calico (6×6 approx) for each of you measuring 10ins x 10ins to help you get started
  • A  small piece (6×6 approx) of felted material for backing
  • Material to make small printing blocks to stamp your own designs
  • A range of different materials, patterned, plain, different weights, for you to use.
  • Embellishments.
  • Trans foils
  • Papers
  • Stamps and ink pad in case you want to add some other images to your material.


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