Red Rooster Time to Stitch Panel by Jacqueline Paton

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Red Rooster Time to Stitch Panel by Jacqueline Paton. 100% cotton.

Artist Jackie Paton designed the Time to Stitch collection using her signature Stencilscape painting technique to create a panel with 4 very charming sewing images. The 12″ x 21½” Create image with a basket of sewing and knitting essentials invites us to “Sew…Sew…Sew” while the 7½” x 21½” tall clock announces that it’s “Time to Stitch”. Add a simple border to either image for a great wall hanging or banner for a sewing room. The 16½” x 10½” flower basket and schoolhouse images on the panel remind us that “A Stitch In Time Saves Nine” and that “Our Home Is Bound by Threads of Love”. These two images can also become banners, or can be used for placemats, table runners, sewing machine covers, and tote bags. There’s a versatile second panel with 35 appealing labels in several sizes to use on quilts, sewing projects, and wearables. The labels feature quilt blocks, spools, pincushions, baskets, and flowers with button faces. The Time to Stitch coordinates include a lively floral, two patchwork prints, buttons, a toss of spools and buttons, a cute “Strip by strip, row by row” border stripe, and a lazy daisy stitch texture.


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