Annie Morris Embroidery Linen Panel Coastal Fishing Village


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Annie has painted this wonderful Coastal Fishing Village with houses in on the quay and boast bobbing around on the blue sea. Printed on luxurious soft linen for you to hand embroider or embellish however you desire, with machine embroidery, beading, or applique. You may choose to enhance the design with the current colour palette or choose your own colours and simply use the pattern as a guide to stitch by. Linen panel is approximately 25cm square and would fit a 6 inch embroidery hoop.

Please note these embroidery patterns do not come with the threads or instructions.

You just need threads, needles and an embroidery hoop.

We also have Annie’s Kits which have threads, embroidery hoop and instructions.

Annie Morris Embroidery Hoop Kit Hydrangea


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