Fenland Textiles Winter Hare Kantha Kit by Angela Daymond



Kantha is a hand stitching technique that originated in India. It was used to join several layers of sari silk together to make bedding. A running stitch was used to create representational and abstract images. This hand sewing kit uses the same techniques used hundreds of years ago. The kit contains a detailed pattern of a hare sitting in a snowy Winter landscape. It is stitched in brown thread against a pale background with three grasses stitched in the foreground. The full-size pattern needs to be transferred onto white cotton fabric and then two layers of white cotton muslin is provided to place under the marked white fabric. These layers will then be tacked together. There are full stitch instructions which can be followed when starting to use a running stitch. Threads within the kit are cut into 50cm lengths, a John James embroidery needle is also included within the kit. There are also suggestions as to what the finished kit could be turned into once completed. The design has a finished stitch size of 29cm x 21cm.


  • A4 double sided instruction sheet with written instructions and stitch diagrams
  • A4 full size pattern,
  • John James size 7 embroidery needle
  • Two pieces of cotton muslin 24.5 X 33 cm, fabric originating in South Korea
  • One piece Makower Spectrum white fabric 24.5 X 33 cm, fabric originating in South Korea
  • Aurifil Perle 12 threads, 2372 dark brown perle 12 thread 13m (26 strands) , 6727 light grey perle 12 thread 3m (6 strands), 6730 light brown 8m (16 strands), 2021 white perle 12 thread 5m (10 strands), 2892 dark grey 5m (10 strands), 2110 yellow 4m (8 strands). All thread measured into 50cm lengths and placed into plastic self seal bags of dimension 4cm X 7cm


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